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My name is Rhonda Havig and I am a wife, mother, and writer. I have a BA in Communication from Stephen F. Austin State University (Go Jacks!). After holding different sales and marketing positions, I moved into the information technology realm where I have stayed since about 1999.

I wrote my first novel during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in 2015. The story is about a woman who learns that she is actually a psychopomp who is tasked with helping lost and wandering souls cross over to the afterlife. I am currently revising the story in preparation for letting it loose on the world as a published novel.

In addition to revising my first novel, I am working on some freelance writing work and preparing preparing an outline for another novel.

If you would like to reach me or discuss a freelance writing opportunity, please complete the contact form on this site.