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Category: Miscellaneous

My Word of the Year for 2019

I decided to pick a word for this year. Several other people seem to be doing it and I figured, what the heck? It seems like a good way to bring focus for the year without having to invest in supplies or try to cram one more thing into what feels like an already overstuffed schedule.

In case you are wanting to sort out how to go about selecting your own word for the year, too, here’s what I did:

  1. Thought about the things I wanted to accomplish in the near future.
  2. Looked for a common theme among those things.
  3. Came up with a list of words to summarize the theme.
  4. Chose my word.

I didn’t write it down or do anything fancy. I thought it through in my head, because that’s just how I process things. When I finally got to the last step, the word I chose for 2019 is:

History in the Cemetery

I used to play in a cemetery when I was a kid. We were always respectful of the graves, but my friends and I would play house claiming different plots as our “homes.” Loved it. So when I had the opportunity to go on a tour of a cemetery that has as much beauty as history, I jumped at it.

The tour was at Woodland Cemetery in Dayton, OH. Among many other famous folks buried there are Erma Bombeck, Paul Laurence Dunbar, and the Wright brothers. That alone makes this a really interesting place. It also has a 3,000 trees and 165 specimens of woody plants. Oh, and it is considered one of the most haunted places in Dayton.

The theme of the tour I was on was History, Mystery, Murder, and Mayhem. We got to hear about all sorts of people from inventors to murderers to robbers. The cool thing was we heard about people I hadn’t heard of before like Rev. Lorennzo Lorraine Lanstroth, the father of modern beekeeping. He lived in the 1800s and more than a century later, his beekeeping methods are still in use.