January 28 2019

My Word of the Year for 2019

I decided to pick a word for this year. Several other people seem to be doing it and I figured, what the heck? It seems like a good way to bring focus for the year without having to invest in supplies or try to cram one more thing into what feels like an already overstuffed schedule.

In case you are wanting to sort out how to go about selecting your own word for the year, too, here’s what I did:

  1. Thought about the things I wanted to accomplish in the near future.
  2. Looked for a common theme among those things.
  3. Came up with a list of words to summarize the theme.
  4. Chose my word.

I didn’t write it down or do anything fancy. I thought it through in my head, because that’s just how I process things. When I finally got to the last step, the word I chose for 2019 is:

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January 20 2018

A Quiet Start to 2018

I feel like I started the year running on fumes. No energy. No drive to do much. Just kinda blah.

As a result, I started stressing about how to get my creative energy going again. Then I decided to stop stressing about it and just roll with whatever came along. So I’m not forcing myself to take a class or hop online and learn something new. That has worked int he past, but I’m not feeling it right now.

At my church, I participate in a ministry where we sew hats and mittens, which are distributed to people in the area who need them. I had taken home several sets back in November to complete by our next meeting. Being a perpetual procrastinator, I waited until the last day to work on them. That last day happens to be today. I’m behind, but not too bad.

But the nice thing about the timing is, after taking a break from doing anything creative, I feel like I appreciated the act of sewing even more. It certainly helped having the nice feeling of being able to make something that will help someone be a little less cold this winter or next.

Sitting and sewing today started helping me get that creative energy back a bit. The fact that I’m sitting here typing this post is proof. 🙂

I’m still not going to force myself to do anything right now and continue to roll with life for the time being. Sometimes quiet rest is good.